Oct 28

Cool New Contemporary Home Design in the Floodplain

This fun contemporary home design was created for a client requesting floodplain house plans for a lot on Lake Travis.  This client does a lot of entertaining and has very close friends who spend time with her at her home after they have spent the day on the water.  The wine room is a place for them to sit and enjoy conversations and fine wine while watching the sun set on the lake and Hill Country.  The concept for the wine room is an open round room with wire racks holding the wine.  The backing is planned to be a small glass tile lit with cove lighting from above to give the room some pizzazz!

Notice, also, how the house is laid out.  Originally, these clients were going to sell the lot, after a large home went in next to them, blocking their view (or so they thought).  We really had a vision for that lot and house design, and they allowed us to show them what we were envisioning.  Once they saw how we were able to keep their view of the lake, give the house that contemporary flair they wanted, and keep the house out of the floodplain, they were on board.  We are really excited about this amazing project!  We are so fortunate to be us and get to do what we do!

To see the detailed floorplan for this house and more, check it out at Contemporary Home Designed for the Floodplain.




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