Jun 15

Designs That Inspire – Great Summer Entertaining

As the weather continues to heat up, a nice way to cool off is with a cold beverage.  You are able to see through the pictures included that this wet bar has a very unique and contemporary design.  The bar has a beer tap, two refrigerated drawers, an ice maker, and a sink.  Another neat aspect of the bar is the lighting.  The use of LED lights is present which provide two great benefits.  For one, the lights give off great light, yet don’t give off a lot of heat and use a small amount of energy which saves money.  The lights are also built-in thin strips which are easily concealed.  The bar also has a lot of storage, in the case of drawers and shelves.  There are glass shelves that were actually built into the rustic rock wall.  These shelves are a great place to display many different beverages.  The shelves provide a contemporary look, while the rock wall behind contrasts with a more rustic and old-fashioned look.

The best thing about this bar, however, is it’s location inside the house.  As soon as the guests enter, the bar is immediately on the left.  It’s perfect for entertaining! Imagine this – you are getting ready to have a couple of people over.    You make some margaritas and right when the doorbell rings, you finish mixing the drinks.  The drinks can be placed right on the bar, and as your guests enter, they can grab a margarita, and head outside for some appetizers and a fun evening.

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