Jun 22

Pintrest and Home Trends

One of many bedroom designs on Pintrest

I have a confession to make: I am slightly addicted to Pintrest. If you don’t know what that is, Pintrest is basically girl heaven.  There are a series of “pins” or pictures of crafts, clothes, recipes, hair ideas, and basically anything girls like.  There are also tons of things for guys, cool sports pictures, manly recipes for steak and fish, and cool ways to get in shape.  One of my favorite things about Pintrest is the new ideas you get about EVERYTHING!  You search crafts, and not only do you find crafts, you find websites and blogs full of more ideas.  You are taken to websites that tell you how to clean your bathtub AND re-tile your bathroom.  I don’t think there is a better definition of surfing the internet than Pintrest – you seem to see every website ever made.

We have our own Pintrest website.  “Boards” or the collection of a common group of “pins” make up a person’s Pintrest.  We have Amazing Bedroom ideas, Amazing Kitchen ideas, and Amazing Entries.  For people who love fantasizing about a new home, this is the place for you!  For people who want to remodel any aspect of your home, this is for you!  Look at decorating ideas or the color on the walls.  Look at the furniture or the floors.  There is something valuable in every pin!  My only warning is that you make sure you give yourself enough time to get absorbed in everything Pintrest offers.  Set an alarm, or set aside a day – either way, I guarantee you will never have enough time for Pintrest!

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