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Tips for the Best Custom Home Building Experience

Tips for the Best Custom Home Building Experience

Shan and Bethany Jenkins have learned quite a bit over the past 20 years about how to have the best custom home building experience. Most importantly: hire experts, collaborate and have fun! Here are a few of their best tips:

Shan and Bethany Jenkins

1. Establish goals

Establish goals for your project, and rank them in order of importance. If you only do this one thing, it’s probably the most important. Do you care more about finishes, space planning, architectural features, space, budget. This will help your architect and builder focus on what’s important to you, and spend your money in the right places. When the team is focused on your goals, the odds of you being happy at the end is so much higher.

2. Organize your inspiration

Collect photos before you begin design and share them with your team. Pinterest and Houzz are a wonderful resource.

3. Assemble your team before starting design; hire experts

Assemble your team before starting design. Hire experts with proven experience, and then rely on their expertise. They’re on your team, and they sincerely want to meet your expectations. Trust the experts. Ask them “what do you think”? You may be surprised what you learn. Of course we recommend you hire a full service design+build firm. This is the best way to ensure the design and construction cost align with your goals for the project. Once assembled, challenge your team to think outside the box.

Successful construction management requires good planning and communication. Builders must orchestrate a thousand moving parts every day. Make sure your builder has sophisticated management systems that can handle all these moving parts.

4. Be decisive

To the extent possible, be decisive. Trust the advice of the experts, and then trust in your own decisions. The inability to make and stick with decisions can be mentally taxing.

5. Have fun

The fun projects always yield the best results. Enjoy the process. The more collaborative it is, the better the outcome will be. Remember, you’re all on the same team.

6. Communicate well

“Communication, even when conflict is involved, is the lifeblood of a (project).”  -Dave Ramsey. “The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”  -George Bernard Shaw. When the whole team is engaged in regular communication; then confusion, mistakes, and re-work is minimized.

7. Ask for a schedule

Ask for a detailed schedule of your project. Like communication, knowing when to expect things to be done will help alleviate stress and conquer the fear of the unknown.

8. Be flexible

When working with so many different people on such a large endeavor; you have to be flexible. Delays are going to happen, and mistakes are going to be made. Knowing that ahead of time will help you cope with it so much better when it happens.

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About Jenkins Custom Homes

Jenkins Custom Homes is a luxury design-build firm based in Austin, Texas. Offering 20+ years of experience and numerous awards for excellence including Best Design, Best Overall, & Best in Texas, Jenkins is the company to call when innovation is desired and exemplary implementation is required. Every home builder has an emphasis, something they do extremely well because they have focused on it over the years. At Jenkins Custom Homes, it’s the art of design and science of building a home, resulting in a balance between great design and enhanced construction methodology. This has also led to their reputation as the builder of choice for waterfront custom homes, golf course homes and private estate homes.

Learn more at www.newhousebuilder.com or call 512-461-7990.

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